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HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette, L'Oreal Professional Mythic Oil, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse, Plum by Mary Greenwell, StriVectin SD Eye Concentrate 
Glossy Box

The theme of this months Glossy Box is "5 Future Classics". I never really read the Glossy Box cards but I was quite intrigued when I saw that it was what they thought are going to be the new beauty classics. I think we are all always looking for the next ~Holy Grail~ products, so was interested to see what other consider the new classics. Think alot of people already know the Glossy Box concept by now, 5 high end samples (mainly full size/sample mixes though) for £10 (+£2.95 postage) delivered to your door.

The HD Brows kit is the actual bomb, which I've been eyeing up for a while after seeing a few people rave about HD Brows online. Anything that is to do with eyebrows I cant get enough of. The colours are great and since I recieved this (was sent the box early) I've been using the kit every single day. I've been wanting to try Mythic Oil for a while too, after seeing it on another blog a while ago. My hair is always in need of a good treatment and its really helped with the texture of my hair. I also have a secret obsession with eye cream so thats another plus for me. The fact oil is something I'm willing to try but I get so paranoid about trying stuff on my face! I know there will be grumbles about the perfume sample, But I think it smells alright actually, and even though its "something you could get free in a department store" when paired with the rest of the box I think very fair item in the box!

The beauty of this months Glossy Box is its all stuff I would actually use or would at least try, compared to a couple of items in previous boxes I probably wouldn't use and would simply pass on. I guess that's the luck of the draw with random sample box things like this.

ADDITIONAL Explanation: This is a sponsored post, However, I am still subscribed to Glossy Box, I had hoped I'd be sent one I'd "paid" (no payment was taken for the box, just lack of a better phrase) for as well as a gifted one I got for attending their event/writing this post. I wasnt sent the subscription box despite actually wanting it, so basically I just got the free box, and without asking if I wanted both the paid for box and a free one. I do think its a touch unfair as I have no qualms about actually paying for this box, I know alot of bloggers who arent subscribed do get gifted these boxes purely to post about. I have been subscribed to Glossy Box since their third box came out. I have been honest and open with my feelings towards the Glossy Box and similar sample box concepts in the past and will continue to be subscribed in the future. If I'm being honest I would have posted this regardless of if they offered payment or not, like I've done in previous posts about their boxes here and here.
PS. Sorry some of the stuff has been used, I presumed I'd get another box to photograph! My pet hate is used makeup photos! Eep!