I was supposed to be speaking at the IFB London Conference to talk about how blogging has changed my career, but because of a few logistical things they couldnt actually have the proper event. A mini panel was set up with some of the most influential UK bloggers as well as some people who have experience in the industry. On reflection I'd probs have fallen to pieces with all eyes on me!

It was a very professional blogging orientated talk if Im being honest so may not have appealed to all bloggers. Alot of the points were about monetization or how blogging has effected careers and lives. Not really "tips" in the sense of "make sure you have a nice layout", but just experiences and opinions, which I find so much more interesting than hearing about things that are like "do this" or "do that" and you'll be the biggest blogger in the world type tips.

Personally, I feel its so refreshing to hear about blogging from a professional point of view, rather than some of the "tips" that float around during the blogging chats on twitter and the like. The thing I like about IFB it talks about blogging from a practical, professional and informative view. The thoughts that come through are actually ones that advise bloggers on how to conduct themselves as well as give helpful information of how to grow and flourish in a over saturated market. Of course starting a blog isnt all about becoming a professional blogger, I just think knowing how to conduct yourself when it does come to a point where you have to deal with PR's and networking can really help.

Its really worth taking the time to explore IFB, Im not sure how many people really know about it but its so interesting and informative, especially for new bloggers. But theres always something I learn or think about improving after reading some of the articles on the website.

Some great articles from IFB are:
- IFB Fair compensation manifesto: Really important read as a growing blogger. I think alot of people undervalue themselves within blogging and without realizing selling themselves short. I think people forget that as a blogger you hold ALOT of influence (no matter the size of your following!) and in some cases you should be compensated for what your asked to do by a brand.

- Crash Course in Blogging Etiquette: Some of the points may seem quite basic, but its all useful stuff that you should do as a blogger especially when your just started out.

- Defining Sucess for your Blog: Far too many people seem to focus on their blogs lack of "success", but success is defined in so many different ways. "You’re only going to be great by being yourself and building a business that is true to your values– not by emulating super bloggers" really resonates with me. I've come round to the idea that I'm never going to be the next Rumi Neely, but Im happy with what Im doing now and I do believe theres a place for me within the blogasphere.