Soleil Tan De Chanel: boots (£31)

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel (It'll always be Bronze Universal to me, I think the other name sounds so clunky in a english accent) is one of my all time favorite products. Its a orangey, deep brown warm toned cream bronzer, with no noticiable shimmer or glitter. It suits me all year round, including me at my palest in winter or bronzed in the summer. It gives a natural glow without being shimmery which is perfect for day time or night.

Its great for colour correcting foundation, for example if your foundation is too light, blend over a bit of this to give more colour without having to chuck a mismatched foundation away. Its also just a great everyday bronzer or contour shade because its not glittery or unnatural. The matte/satin finish leaves the skin looking fresh and not looking too heavily caked. I think because its a cream product its incredibly easy to blend into the skin. I normally use a Sigma F25 to apply, but I've used a MAC 109 and a Coastal Scents Kabuki on a stick in the past, I think anything rounded and dense seems to work nicely.

I think it is expensive for a makeup product, I know this before people go down and type how ridiculously expensive it is in the comments. Even I think its on the pricey side, But I bought my my first tub in Duty Free when on holiday in Turkey in June 2010 and Im still using the same pot (obviously until I bought this new one). Its lasted a good year of on-off daily use (Id say I use it 3-4 times a week on average if not more and its still got alot of product left. You get 30g of product for the price too which is incredible as most bronzers are around 9g.

I've included a photo of me wearing it, but I think it looks no different photographed in use as it does my other bronzers. Might explain my opinions on swatches in another post this week. Generally I think they are wholly inaccurate as some things can look incredibly different on different skin-tones.