This eyeliner used to be known as the Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner, but since their rebrand they have changed it to Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Im presuming that the products are still the same but with different packaging! The one photographed is the old style packaging. Eyeko have re-branded themselves to get away from the cutesy/japanese/girly style packaging to a more sophisticated and sleek look. The new image appeals to me much more than the old one. I personally dont like the OTT girly packaging on makeup, which is one of the reasons I don't buy Benefit Cosmetics. I like things to look sleek and a little bit classy!

This eyeliner is one of my all time favorites. So easy to use, you just use it like you would a marker pen by drawing along the top lash line. Its one of the longest lasting pure black and smudgeproof pen eyeliners I've ever used. I've found alot of pen eyeliners seem to be more grey black than pure opaque black. I've also found the tip doesn't go funny (I really cant explain what I mean here, but you know when you have a felt tip and you use it loads the tip goes really smooshed and weird and thick? basically like that!?!) when you use it alot, it stays very stiff and precise.

Eyeko has slipped off the blogging radar I think for a bit, I've been sent a few of the Eyeko Graffiti eyeliners in the past, as well as repurchased them myself. I have a feeling the price has gone up alot as I swear they used to be alot cheaper than £10, Maybe about £6. £10 I think its a little expensive for something that is what I would regard as "drugstore". Although I think Eyeko are moving away from that image with their new branding and launching exclusively in Harvey Nichols and their price probably is reflecting that, I do think its priced too high for a middle of the road brand and just doesnt feel "worth" the extra money. But the product is really an amazing eyeliner and totally one of my favorites.