Balance Me Super Moisturizing hand Cream, Daniel sandler Eye Delight in Peach, Trind Nail Repair Natural,
The Balm Frat Boy All in One Shadow/Blush, Caudalie Quenching Sorbet-Creme
Carmine Sample Box £10 (£2.95 P&P)
Carmine Box is another yet another sample box (YAWN, IKR), I mentioned it in yesterdays post about the Feel Unique Beauty Box. I found it via someones blog a few days ago and then automatically signed up purely to see what may come. The Carmine box is priced at £10 plus £2.95 postage, which is the same price as a Glossy Box.

To be honest, Im not impressed by it at all. First off I don't like the packaging I think its too big in relation to the contents, I dont like the colour scheme or the logo either. This is probably just my personal taste and graphic design snobbery coming through. Moving on from the way the box actually looks, The contents aren't to my personal taste either. Hand cream is something I like having but hardly use, just tends to be something I chuck into my bag. Although my nails need repairing, I know this isn't gonna be something Id bother with as I use fake nails so much I dont really give my nails time to breathe and fix. I'm sure I'll use the Caudalie moisturizer but another sample came with my Feel Unique Beauty Box and I already use a Caudalie face cream which I really like. The blush is OK, its a safe universal colour and applies nicely. I do however love the Daniel Sandler eyeshadow too as its a very "me" colour being a peachy gold shimmer. I just dont love anything or really interested in trying any of the items.

Although its got two makeup samples in this box (Id love to see a totally makeup focused beauty box!), the rest of the items just don't wow me! I'm going to cancel the subscription for the Carmine Box. Its just not doing it for me at all, seems very lackluster compared to the other boxes I've received in the past. I think I have a fear of missing something with sample boxes so just sign up to them willy-nilly. Cant really afford to be shelling out for all of them on a monthly basis. I don't mind trying a new box or sampling just one month (most you can cancel on a month to month basis!) just to see the contents every now and again. Im not dissapointed, because I've just realised its not for me. Like with all of the sample boxes its a risk!I still need to decide between Glossy Box & Boudoir Prive! If anyone has any other brands doing boxes let me know!