Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday portrait week 87

001. Went out last night for my friends 21st, One of those nights where you dont plan on going out but do at the last moment! So Im feeling absolutely shattered! Could do with a big long sleep but I've been taking power naps and I want to swatch SummerSlam so I'll probs stay up! Waiting for my Mum to finish off a late roast then Im off to see my friend Hannah. Lovely!

002. I think my plan for next week is just going to London on Wednesday, there is a Boohoo Press day and a Boots one I'm going to try and make! If anyone is going to either give me a heads up and we can meet up! I should be in London all day so I'll need something to kill time! Fingers crossed on Saturday I'm going to view some places for when I move too!

003. Wore Estee Lauder Double wear foundation today for the first time in a long while as I really needed the heavy coverage (seriously I looked like crap when I woke up today! I blame the alcohol!).It used to be my favourite foundation until I repurchased my Chanel Mat Lumiere and then my Illamasqua one. Its just so bloody heavy! I hate that sort of cakey look you get with it! Trying to take photos with it was such a pain too! Never again!

004. Don't really have much to talk about today! Sorry its been a slow blog week, I've just been doing other things. I hope people understand that the only reason I'm able to blog so much at the moment is because I''m unemployed. Once I move to London, it will again start getting a bit more sporadic, as I'll be working full time. I appreciate people like my blog but I really do try and blog as much as I can when I have the time! Its a little bit easier with ETC LLYMLRS to pre-write posts, but with outfits I have to make sure my lighting right and I like to do them on the actual day I wear them!



  1. No sure if its just my computer but the image isnt showing!

    I also used to wear Double Wear, way to much for daytime make up. Great for a night out though!

  2. Oww I was invited to the Boohoo press day but it's my Dad's birthday and all that! Would have been lovely to see you for a catch up! xx

  3. As what the other girls said above, it's only your image code showing.
    Good luck in your house hunt! Hope you find somewhere soon.

  4. Oooh Boohoo press day should be a goodin!Have fun in London!x

  5. I think you shouldn't rush...or even feel bad when you don't blog for a little while. It's not like you "have" to. I mean I'm always happy to see a post from you, but if you can't blog or don't feel like it I'd never be mad or something. Just wanted to say that.


  6. good luck with house huntiny, and have fun at the press days!!

  7. I really want to get my hands on the Illamasqua base, I as well have the Estee Lauder Double wear and find that I always have to mix it since it's pretty darn heavy. But it does stay on literally all day, so I deal ;)

  8. I saw the picture on Twitter, you sure succeeded in making it look as though you hadn't been out, I find that I end up sleeping the whole of the next day!

  9. Hope you have a great time in London! I've always was intrigued by the Illamasqua base. Looking forward to trying it out.

    ♥, Jamie

  10. Yeah there is no portrait there
    But hope you have fun in London lucky!
    Solar Falcon
    You won't regret visiting my blog if you end up doing so xo

  11. Congrats on the boohoo press day! sounds like it will be so much fun :)


  12. Just as the people above me - the image isn't showing, sorry :-(.

    Have lots of fun in London, and I understand that whilst working fll time you wont have loads of time to blog. It's nicer to blog less but better quality posts instead of doing a quick post without any real content, so I appreciate that you wont be blogging for the sake of it. I wouldn't expect anything less, your posts are always interesting and your photos are great!


  13. i really love that colour of lipstick! it really suits you! x

  14. nice post!
    I was on twitter earlier and came across someone who was using one of your photos. I wouldn't usually bother with this sort of thing (as I'm sure people do it a lot) but she's SO irritating. anyways, her twitter: xoRadiateLove

  15. Nearly bought Double Wear in duty-free.. glad I didn't now! Really fancy trying the Illamasqua one x

  16. just thought i'd show you this as somebody has saved all of your photos and used them on the snog marry avoid website :/

  17. Did you enjoy Summerslam? I'm glad I'm not the only WWE fan in the blogging world :p xo

  18. You're so beautiful! Have fun in London! Following your blog now.

    xox Jordana


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