001. Next week I'm heading up to Leeds to see my blogging BFFL Victoria! I've not been up North for ages so I'm really looking forward to going to see her! I'm sure drinks will be consumed and alot of lolz will be had! Its also one of my good friends 21st birthday at the weekend too which I'm highly looking forward to! Funtimes this week for sure!

002. I really need to find something to do on a day to day basis at the moment. Kinda been toying with the idea of doing some volunteering but I have no idea about the stuff in my local area, so I might go investigate tomorrow! Working in a charity shop a day or two a week might just be a nice way to break it up! When my friend died of Cancer a few years ago the Severn Hospice really helped him and his family out so I'm thinking of doing something for them!

003. I'm getting my first ever facial this week! I think Im going to get Crystal Clear microdermabrasion. I'm pretty excited as I dont often have proper profesh' beauty stuff done like that. Skincare is something I'm shamefully forgetful of, but I really do understand the importance of looking after your skin, I'm just too much of a lazy bum to think about it! I bought some Liz Earle stuff earlier this week which I cant wait to test out!

004. As per usual I'll do my usual plug of my jewellery shop! I'm shutting up shop for about three weeks come September while I move house and Fashion Week and all that jazz so I wont be restocking till after that. I will may restock the popular items like the fives and the trio's but Im not sure, depends how things go! I know I wont be getting anything else in though till after I'm settled!