tunic: via ebay (but you can buy it on this website)
leggings/treggings/whatever: new look
jacket: H&M
earrings: primark
hat: new look
nails: models own pink plush *

Its been so dull and glum today, I didnt really want to get out of my jimjams! However I was dragged out of my cave and went shopping with my Mum today instead of our usual Sunday jaunt as we have a family meal tomorrow. Just threw on a tunic and some jeggings/treggings/leggings and my trusty H&M single breasted coat. Its one of my favourite items I have in my wardrobe and I wear it most days. I cant believe it was one of those items that almost got away!

Love, Hearts and Crosses sent me some of their items and including this faux Arty ring, which I absolutely adore. The thing that really put me off getting a real Arty is that I don't wear gold jewellery, I much prefer silver. I think gold can look really tacky at times. However I do think they did make a "real" version of the black and silver, but this will do for me!