MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette: superdrug £4

MUA is a brand I've never tried before, Not to be a makeup snob but makeup for a £1 a piece doesnt sell itself to me! I think if it wasn't for other blogs I probably wouldn't take a second look at this sort of stuff. People are comparing this to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and honestly I think its so much better than that. I find on me the Naked Palette colours are really grey, ashy and dull. They look pretty darn awful to be honest,  UDPP is the most pointless product I've ever used too! The brush was probably the best thing about the whole thing pallete! Although I think the UD palette is worth it, as the eyeshadow quality is just lovely and pigmented, I just think its not right for someone of my coloring.

I really like the MUA Heaven and Earth pallete, for a low end makeup it really isnt all that bad. Warm toned, shimmery with a wide range of colours in one little palette. The shadows do feel a little soft like they are going to break, but they apply very nicely. My favourite colour is the sort of peachy pink colour and the lovely warm coppery brown.

Being honest, I'm not going to be giving up my MAC palletes and hail this as the only thing I'll ever be using in the future. However it does make a nice addition to my overflowing neutral collection, especially the highlight colours as I'm running out of my favourite highlight. I think you should seriously consider getting this over a Naked Pallete if you have similar colourings to me, plus its only £4 which is pretty good for what it is!