(L-R) Models Own Silver Spangle, Models Own Disco Mix, Models Own Prussian Blue, 
Models Own Lilac Dream, Models Own Pink Plush,  all £5 each from Models Own *

I really love Models Own nail varnishes, I have alot of them but I've only actually bought about 3 in all. They are a goody-bag at events staple, that and tote bags! I always say that if I fail as a blogger I could open a tote bag museum! I've been getting into doing my nails again recently, so when they offered to send me a few after they were impressed with my nail art in this post I jumped at the chance! Because there are literally so many colours, I did a quick tweet and got some reccomendations, then picked my favourite from them! My personal fave is Disco Mix, its such a lovely super glittery shade. I also really love the Pink Plush one, I love peach nail polish but it can often make my skintone look dirty, but this one's just perfect!

Compared to Barry M, my usual nail polish go to brand, they dry so much quicker but are alot pricer. However Models Own are doing their usual milestone 50% off sale, So once they hit 50,000 likes on Facebook they are doing a whopping 50% code! You can like them on Facebook and help us all out!  Then the polishes are a mere £2.50. Who doesnt love a bargain!

Ps. The nails in this post are from here.