top: new look *
skirt: H&M
necklace: primark
rings: jwlry 
nails: models own fuzzy peach & top turquoise & wah nail pen* & technique via gem fatale

Today has been one of those awe-inspiring days where everything seems totally surreal. I was featured in Look Magazine today, A FULL PAGE of my mug in a nationally distributed magazine!! This was my first ever magazine feature and I'm totally proud of myself. No shame at all! I posted about it on the other blog! My activities however today have been pretty mundane (apart from doing John Green's Happy dance in Co-Op!) went for lunch with my Mum and Brother, but the place we wanted to go was closing and then we ended up driving 20 miles to have a distinctly average meal in a crappy "bistro"!

I bought this striped top because its a little different from the classic striped tops I already have. Its black and the lines are a bit scribbly, I like that. Pretty regular-to-be-expected kinda outfit from me today. However I love my high wasited skirt combos at the moment!