view more photos & a FULL LENGTH ONE INCLUDING SHOEZ on Victorias blog ;)
i dont have terrible bags under my eyes either, its just unfortunate facial features.

I was going to post this on my proper blog but wanted to do a outfit post for today too, but didnt want to do two posts in one day, so decided to go for here, plus Im a stickler for routine and I just couldn't break my blog monotony!

Victoria and I are friends in "real life", We talk all the time and I would genuinely class her as one of my best friends. Its so genuinely nice to know that I've met someone through all this who I really trust and can confide in. I went up to see her in Leeds for two days, and of course we had a barrell of fun! We drank WKD (cool yeah!), had a sly takeaway and I even wore Uggs! Big love to her boyfriend Matt who took our photos! He was pretty pro at it, compared to me standing in my spare bedroom remote shooting myself! Check dat qualityyy! I need to get myself a boyfriend who's willing to take my photos!