clothes, hat, shoes: new look 
babyliss conical wand: argos

I dont really like the word "haul", I suppose it is a good way to see whats in the shops at the moment and we all like to live vicariously through what others have. I just think they are a little strange! However its one of those things I'm always asked to do and they are oddly addictive. I might start doing a weekly/bi weekly round up of the things I buy. I don't buy that much on a weekly basis, I some weeks I buy nothing, others I buy a few things and then I go a little crazy and buy lots. It really does vary! I go "shopping" quite a bit, but generally dont buy anything, I just love browsing haha!

I hadn't actually bought anything up until today apart this jumper I wore in this outfit post. However today my Mum dragged me to the shops for our usual Sunday shopping ritual. I've been super lucky and have been given a New Look Press card so I get discount, so I bought some things I'd had my eye on for a while and some easy to wear basics. I adore the shoes I picked out, I wanted as soon as I saw them. I love the patent granny-ish shoe! They are surprisingly comfy too as I find New Look shoes fit me a little bit awkwardly, I always have to size down but these fit me in a 5. I also paid for this stuff with giftcards and credit note so didn't end up spending a penny, My kind of shopping!

So excited to try out a conical wand, I've been wanting one for ages. After a quick tweet and some recommendations from the beauty bloggers I opted for the Babyliss Conical Wand 25-13mm. Not that I really style my hair all that much. And 99% of the time I really cant be bothered with my hair. I've made a mental promise with myself that I will sort my hair out and actually try and keep it looking presentable!You get a sweet Michael Jackson stylee glove too! EEE HEE!