excuse my one sided pose! my eye is still a bit dodge!

001. Have such an amazing day planned for Thursday in London, But I cant really tell you right now whats going down! Hating all the secrecy but you will more than likely find out on Tuesday whats going on, as something super exciting is happening then too! I know I've said this before but I am truly and sincerely grateful for the opportunities you guys have given me by being so supportive of my blog. Without you choosing to follow my blog I really wouldn't have experienced some of the things I have in the past two years.

002. Trying to sort out moving to London STILL, but nothings really falling into place like I hoped. I obviously didn't make it to London last week because of my eye (which is SO much better! thanks everyone for your kind words!) and I'm not sure about the person I was going to live with as she's decided she wanted to live elsewhere. My goal was to be out by the end of this month, its still looking hopeful I just really need to push for it now! I definitely need to be living in London for Fashion Week (gosh its come round so soon!)

003. I styled my hair very roughly with the Babyliss Conical Wand that I posted about on my other blog. I actually really like the effect, nice soft curls without being those horrible ringlets you get from most curling irons! Very pleased with it!

004. There is still 20% off in my shop until Monday night using "WEEKEND"! The fives are sold out but are on pre-order which you can get the extra money off with if you dont mind waiting. I am running out of a lot of stock at the moment but as Im planning on moving I really don't want to get too much stock in because I think I'll be shutting the shop while I move and settle in! Everything ordered last week will FINALLY be sent on Monday! Apologies if you've had to wait! They sent my envelopes to the wrong house!