jumper: H&M
dress: topshop
nails: models own fuzzy peach & top turquoise & wah nail pen* & technique via gem fatale

The trouble it took me to take these photos was unreal. I had to change location three times to three different rooms and Im still not totally satisfied with them! Oh well! This jumper is too cute not to show! I went squeeee when I saw it as I just think its so ridiculously awesome. I wish it was a full length jumper but its cropped so I just wore it over a simple dress from Topshop that I've had for a few years!

Thought I'd leopard my nails for a change, its been a while since I've done it so went all out and wore falsies too! I wish I had the technique down for tribal nails as Id love to get the same sort of print from this jumper on them. Would look so awesome! I just dont have a steady enough left hand! My hairs just curled with the conical wand again, Im kinda getting down with the technique to do it! Really do not like having my hair all over my face though so will def be wearing it clipped back tomorrow!

Hahah how much does this outfit want to blend in with my layout! As you've probably noticed, I've added a navigation bar for some easier browsing to the other pages on my blog, including an about page, disclaimer and a FAQ. Feel free to read them, especially the disclaimer has a bit about my new disclosure policy which is sort of important if you care about that aspect of blogging.