ghost face courtesy of estee lauder double wear!
001. So its been a bit of a crazy week, but back to normality come tomorrow. Back to healthy eating, gymming, enough sleep & completing all my daily tasks. I really want to get my routine sorted now that I'm not in education or working! I'm going to Ikea with my Mum tomorrow as she wants to take a look at the sale, it looks amazing online so I'm hoping for some bargains. I mainly want some storage boxes and a storage tower for all my jewellery, tights, socks and other bits and bobs!

002. I got my university results on Saturday morning, and I'm pleased to say I got a 2:1, which considering I've really put in minimal effort in the last year I'm happy I managed to achieve it. I've said it before I love art and design, but the actual "making" doesn't interest me half as much as it used to. I think graphics is something I'm glad I've got a degree in, the transferable skills are pretty much endless, but at the end of the day its time to focus on getting the career I really want! Which I still dont know what I want to do!

003. I've ombre'd my hair again, and its SUPER blonde, I mean blonder than I've been since I was about 7 years old! I used BBlonde Creme by Jerome Russel this time which is MUCH harsher than the highlighting kits I've used in the past. I kinda want to go full blonde now I've done it but I might see if the hair dresser can do it at a later date. I've said before I think Ombre is a bit done to death now, but I guess its a thing my blogs known for! Lay off the "I liked you better when..." comments, they aren't nice & a little unnecessary!

004. I met a few people in London who recognized me which was really lovely! Im such a awkward turtle when I meet people who know my blog! Had these really sweet girls corner me in Topshop and tell me how much they liked my blog, and I was so embarrassed and shocked I didn't know what to say! Thanks for saying hi though! Its funny and overwhelming being in London because at home no one knows who I am, even people who I've lived in the same town with for years don't know me!

005. Updated the shop, I've restocked lots of the oversized turquoise ring styles & a lot of the necklaces. I've also updated with new necklaces and a few new rings. I've also added a multi buy option to the small turquoise rings (black will follow once I sort the stock!) so its now 3 random style rings for £8 like the natural stone rings. The discount code "AWAYFROMKEYBOARD" will still be active till the end of Tuesday! All orders made when I have been away have either been sent or are going out first thing tomorrow morning! I've also replied to all emails about the shop, but if I've missed anything just mail me again! I always have stuffed inbox (I really need to set up a separate signing up to websites account!) so I do occasionally miss them!