Just thought I'd quickly catch up with everyone really quick before I go for a nap and more food, Im super tired at the moment as I've still not recovered from coming home from holiday, then I've been in London twice with two epic train journeys (3 and a half hours each way plus a hours drive to my house, twice!). I've eaten so much crap, on Tuesday I ate a sausage sandwich, two filled bagels, a red velvet cupcake, a mcdonalds and a burger king! The tiredness and terrible diet is totally showing in my skin, I've got a hideous crop of spots on one side of my face (cleverly disguised with a hand related pose). Boo! I went to an a Motel event with the lovely Katie which on Thursday which was really nice. We had cupcakes and I finally got Wah Nail'ed which Im very pleased with. Yesterday I went to New Blood, which is basically a graduate show. I do have photos which I'll post next week. If you are in London and fancy visiting its on till Monday, I have one piece up in the Hereford College of the Arts section.