001. So here I am! In Turkey! My room has sweet wifi, surprisingly fast considering its only supposed to be in the lobby. As I type I'm sitting on our porch with a bottle of coke (glass bottle of course! free mini bar's FTW!) I feel like I've not stopped tweeting or anything since leaving! Its funny because my Mums actually encouraging me to take our holiday snaps on my iPhone and upload them in real time to her Facebook. Funny how the internet has changed life!

002. Didn't go too crazy in Duty Free, I'm quite gutted as we ran out of time as I was eyeing up the MAC stand! I didn't know Birmingham had a MAC stand so didn't even bother taking  proper look around, then my Mum pointed it out just before we had to run to our gate! Which of course was the furthest away and I literally sprinted to it as we were on final call!

003.  The above photo is from me around the pool yesterday day, I posted it on Twitter and had loads of comments saying I shouldn't be wearing makeup on holiday, then when I tweeted about wearing makeup on holiday so many people said it was normal!? Suppose people who do wear it dont think its odd? Haha either way I had a tweet asking about the products and I'm wearing Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Bare Minerals Natural sunscreen, MAC Espresso for my brows (I always use this), Illamasqua precision ink eyeliner (again use this all the time!) and Maxfactor False Lash effect waterproof. I think I was wearing MAC Ladyblush on my cheeks too. I don't go in the pool as I hate chlorine and think that swimming pools are SO unhygenic, god knows how much baby piddle is in them! But it lasted me all day in the shade!

004. There is 20% in my jewellery shop until I'm back home using the code "AWAYFROMKEYBOARD", Please be aware that I wont be able to send anything till after the 5th July, so please keep that in mind when ordering! There are few bits of stock left including the super popular 5 ring mixes!

005. I've got some outfits coming up over the next week as well as a post on my sweet phone cover that was handmade for me. The outfit snaps are not the usual "llymlrs style", we all know how anal I am about consistency, As much as I want to change to doing full length photos, I refuse because I feel its too much of a change and not how I did it! However they came out ok and I'll do them the same everyday so its consistent! Im hoping to snap every outfit so I can do a big round up of what I wore vs the stuff that I bought but didnt wear!