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 phonecase: Lucyboots Phonecases (£16)

A little OT from the norm, but I was recently contacted by Lucy asking me if I'd like one of her handmade phone cases. Jumping at the chance to get my paws on something blinger and tackier than my old phone case, I accepted her offer of making one for me! I didn't really know what I wanted, but I gave her a few instructions, I wanted a skull motif & black, white and pearl decorations and after about a week she made up this little bad boy for me!

Cases like this are just a bit of fun really, My friends always think its hilarious how I love bling and tackiness despite being into ~fashion~.  I know its just not to everyone's taste but it makes me happy seeing people with blinged up cases for some reason! She ships worldwide and it can take 10-14 days depending on how much she has to do, as they are all handmade by her! I can only imagine how super fiddly it is to place each stone! Prices start from £10, My case is around £16! And she tells me she can do almost all phones! Just checked her Facebook shop and got my eyes on the new Hello Kitty beading with pink and silver rhinestones? Tackiness? Oh yes please!

PS. Mines a little battered as I dropped it while intoxicated onto a pavement as I stumbled to a cab! AHEM!