three natural stone rings (by popular demand will be sold individually soon!)

Just thought I'd do a quick post to make it 110% clear that today is last orders for anything from my jewellery shop. I've had alot of emails about this even though I have mentioned it before. So sorry if this post is a little dull! Just want to make things as clear as I can! Everything ordered up until the end of today (Wednesday 15th June midnight GMT) will be sent tomorrow. Things are a little slow at the moment because I've been super busy with uni, finalizing work and finishing my final show (which is up and ready to go! I'll post some snaps tomorrow!). I've had a influx of orders over the past few days too for some reason (has anyone linked me!?) and I stupidly thought I had another box of envelopes when I didn't so I've been waiting on those!

Any problems please email and I'll get back to you once I'm home. I wont be replying to shop related stuff while I'm away as it is supposed to be a holiday after all! And I cant really sort things while away! I dont trust my brother with my shop either! However I will star any questions in my inbox though for replies when I'm home. I am back in the UK on 29th June, but I'm in London till the 5th July. So expect the days after that to be responded too. I am going to be running a cheeky (and hefty!) discount code while I'm away on a while stocks last basis, I really don't have much stock in at the moment, because I knew I was going away! Its mainly for people who don't mind waiting and wanted to nab a bargain!

I may be blogging over my holiday, most likely have the same format as last year's maybe a few outfit posts mixed with a few scheduled posts! I know people probably think I'm mad, but I'm a creature of habit, Blogging is part of my daily routine as I spend time doing it almost every night. Not because I feel I have to, because I like doing it and it just slots into my day. But Im not making promises or going to be strict on this, when I get there and cba to move from my sunbed to do a post I wont!