So here are some photos from my final exhibition at university. Design isn't my passion, I honestly doubt I'll ever be doing Graphic Design now I've done my degree. I love art and I appreciate good work but honestly the designing side bores me. It was a struggle for me to finish the course, but I did & despite it not being what I want I am glad I stuck it out.

Im often asked to post more of my work on here, But honestly, I dont want to because I simply just dont enjoy doing it anymore. My graphic "style" changed dramatically in the last year too and I moved away from hand drawn to predominantly type based design. The direction of my blog has changed too, so its not really what I want on here either, like I said its not my passion and I don't have much desire to do anything like that. To me Graphics was something I just kept going with after college, Its just something I'm mildly good at and can just "do".

Despite this I'm pleased with the show, overall it really came together in the end. I had a bit of a melt down and a strop because I hate printing things out more than anything in the world. I think bulldog clips on art pieces is super passe, I wanted to frame them but just one of those things that ended up being a last minute, running out of time decision. I chose the social networking info graphics I did ages ago as well as my hand drawn type piece I did about two years ago! I snapped these early this morning and alot of people were still putting their work up hence why its such a tip! Im gutted I'm missing the final show as I'm on holiday!

PS. Although I took the photos, The artwork isn't mine so please don't repost these images!