bodysuit: new look
skirt: zara
necklace: ebay
rings: jwlry

Love this studded bodysuit, It comes in nude as well which I might actually buy as well before I finish up at work! One last New Look spree! I seldom wear all black outfits nowadays, but this was one of those outfits I could make an exception for! Still continuing major love for my Zara skirt, I did buy a new high waisted skirt from Topshop but it just didnt do it for me in the end. It was kinda shiny and wasnt working, So its going back to the shop. Sucks to have to see this one being repeated loads ;)

Debut of the ~new~ Ombre hair 3.0, You can kinda see it in yesterdays photo but it was a bit brassy so I put some toner or something on it to make it proper blonde. I cant tell you what it was called as I have no idea, my hair dresser friend gave it me! I really like it now, I think its what I was really looking for in terms of a summer hair do! Heres my very old "tutorial", Still works!