For those that don't know "Ombre hair" is the new in thing according to all the fashion magazines. Its basically just a graduation of color, from light to dark, or dark to light aka. basically looking like your hair has grown out and you have massive roots. Like I said it isn't really a tutorial, There isn't a big secret or specific step by step routine when it comes to the DIY Ombre hair. I just don't think alot of people really considered about doing it at home and were over thinking the whole process of doing it! Its presented to us as some tricky technique called technique called 'balayage'. Where the colorist applies different related shades of colour in a freehand sweeping motion with a brush. Um. No, just take some peroxide and slap it on the ends of your hair and DONE! Seriously, Thats all the effort it took to get mine!

sorry for the horrid quality, photobooth fail!

I cant speak for everyone saying my DIY Ombre Hair technique will work for you, But, Hey it worked for me and it was so simple to do and looks super sweet! There isn't much to lose by doing it yourself, and you can save yourself a fortune if it goes right! I'm not an expert on hair, and I have hardly any experience dying my own hair let alone anyone else's. I'm simply sharing what worked for me!

horrible picture, but you get the idea of dye placement!

It is really as simple as just applying the dye to the ends of your hair. You just need to make sure you use a highlighting kit, or one specifically designed to lighten the hair. Blonde hair dye wont work because its not designed to make your hair blonder unless of course it actually is blonde. You need a good highlighting kit, I used Loreal Perfect Blonde Creme Highlighting Kit. But Im sure you can get cheaper ones that do the same job! Make sure you read and follow the instructions on the box when mixing up the dyes, and be sure to use gloves when directly applying the peroxide to the hair! If your worried about the fade line, Do what I did and apply the highlighting solution twice. Personally I think this is what gave it the fully faded look. Although you could try applying more product at the tips of the hair compared to the ammount towards the top of the Ombre. If you wanted to go really out their try doing it with bleach and then use a wash in wash out colour to get pink tips!

Hair Ombre (Tiled)
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Its not about being perfect so don't worry about being too precise during your application! Its supposed to be a lovely messy beachy effect! Celebrities like Alexa Chung, Rachel Bilson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad and Erin Wasson have all embraced the Ombre Hair trend and look really amazing! There is no harm in DIY-ing it! Seriously, Just be brave and go for it! Its made such a difference to my hair with so little effort! Its brightened up my skintone and given my boring long hair a much more interesting effect!

If anyone does use this technique, Let me know how it works out for you!