jumper: topshop
skirt: H&M
nails: barry m cyan blue

My hair today is bad (although I know you'll all say its fab). I hate how weirdly it photographs at the moment. Like its really weird orange colour, when in reality its actually quite blonde. Damn you photos. Nothing intresting today, I was pretty late on all these lush oversized cuffed jumpers Topshop had done this A/W. Very much regret not buying them in every colour as they are so cute and easy to wear. This one is studded with little gems. I bought it to wear on Christmas Day, but after washing it, its started to give off a really weird odour. Like rusty metal? Im tempted to try return it as thats really not right?

Found out today that I have 71 hours (4 weeks) holiday to take before the end of March at work. Words cannot express how happy that makes me. I was only expecting like 2 weeks at most, but 4. It really made my day! Although I know I wont be doing anything exciting as I have so many deadlines for university coming up!