sunglasses: girlprops
hat: new look
leggings: american apparel
jumper: topshop
dress: asos (not really seen but its underneath!)
necklace: H&M
rings: BHS

I FINALLY GOT IT GUYSSS. Thanks to the lovely Joanne who found the jumper in her local Topshop sale! She emailed me and offered to pick it up for me and mail it me! This is why I love the internet. If I hadn't have posted on here I probably would have been stuck in a buyers remorse circle wishing I had it. So many people had been linking me to ones on eBay but the price was so over inflated I just couldn't do it when I knew it was lurking around in the sales for less!

A few people commented on the jumper being really ill fitting and ugly in real life, But I really like its awkward shape and overall slouchy-ness. Its really cosy and has a really ~bohemian~ vibe to it. Anyone else hate the word "boho"? I think its just so blah. Reminds me of the days where denim headscarves, those god awful circle disk belts and the gypsy skirts where in. I wore my barginalious floppy hat that I got from New Look for a whopping £3 with it and popped on my much loved Girl props chanel-eque half tints! Not that I actually left the house today or did anything of note!

I started a Tumblr in a vain effort to try and get my photos on there credited. I have been very anti-tumblr in the past, but I sort of get it. I know there are TONS of photos of me floating around on Tumblr, some credited some aren't. Im going to try and keep it just photos of things that I've taken myself. Like a photo diary, but who knows. I'll probably be bored with it in a week.