cardigan: H&M
scarf: handmade by Rani

WHA! I accidentally just deleted all my october favorites photographs and their blog links I was nearly at 80 links too! I dont think its fair to post other peoples outfits without due credit, So I shall painstakingly go back over the whole thing and try my hardest to get it up earlier. Good job I was prepared with this outfit photo that I took earlier instead!

I was sent this Motel Rocks dress along with the other one I wore last week. Like the other one its on the small side, Im wearing a medium, but When I first put it on it didnt even fit, But its a bit looser on me now so I've either lost some weight this week or I was a bit bloated when I last put it on! Excuse the last photo, I was listening to Green Day while taking these photos and in the 200 odd photos I shot I was either singing along or bopping a bit in most of them! I was messing around I dont actually dance like that!

Today really hasnt been my day, I didnt want to get up this morning, Couldnt find my car keys or my debit card, Which resulted in me being a hour late for university, I then managed to drop my phone in a sink full of water (good job its still working!) and now I've deleted all my monthly favorites, Which had taken me forever to gather, and seeing as Im a idiot I deleted the bookmarks earlier today without thinking! SIGH! Oh well tomorrows another day, lets hope it goes a bit better than today!