001. Obviously a last minuite halloween inspired photo! Of course this wasnt my first choice of outfit, I would have ideally donned a Hulk Hogan costume or a Keyboard Cat one. But yeah I went with Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange. Took me ages to decide how to draw the lashes on, I was gonna stick some on, But all my lashes I have didnt look quite right! I tried my Illasmasqua liner, a pencil as well as Loreal Superline Carbon Gloss before deciding to just use a fluidline, and prooving my point about it not looking black enough, its just looking really grey on camera!!

002. Spent some time with my baby brother today, he had his spider costume on for halloween which was amazing! I also baked some cupcakes and have been for a massive gym session! I've slacked on the gym recently, I don't remember the last time I went, and I certainly haven't been this week! Theres no way I could go back to my everyday sessions, but I'm really going to start trying to do four times a week! The clocks going back as spun me out completely! It feels so late but to early at the same time! Im not looking forward to coming home in the dark all the time though! Seeing as I work on the basement floor at New Look, I'm probably not going to see sunlight for the next few months!

003. Schedule for the week is probably going to be monthly favorites tomorrow, a colour trend post (any colour suggestions?) and a couple of outfit posts. I will hopefully also get around to posting my final artwork for that Love/Hate project you all helped me out with! Ive spent the whole day laying it out and editing bits ready to print. I decided to go with doing 2 A3 prints, if I have time in the future I want to get it professionally printed by Blurb and make a proper book! Im tempted to pursue this project in the future as one of my final major projects for my degree!

004. Not to big myself up, but this week the blog has hit over 1.5 million page views & last months visitor rate was a whopping 200,000! I don't think I say thank you enough to everyone who take the time to read my blog, comment and make me feel so welcome.  I never dreamed (and still now I find it hard to put it in real terms!) that I actually would get this many followers! You guys are the best!

005. I am going to be completely re-designing the blog at some point this week, As much as I do like this blog layout it needs to be switched up as Im getting sick of it. The titles arent working, I need more link space, and I want to make it a bit more colourful! Who knows I might even change that banner, Even though its been there for FOREVER!