ring: asos
nails: barry m 297

Excuse the edited ~artsy~ colours, my flash was making me look like a Oompa Lumpa so colours just had to be hipster-fied! Words cannot describe how excited I was when I came across this AMAZING two fingered cross ring on ASOS. I wanted the Forever 21 version ever since it came out months and months ago but I always held back from buying it because it was going for silly silly prices! All the US bloggers had it, and it was all over Tumblr! People were going mad for this ring! I would google at least once a week in the hope I'd be able to find a cheap on! For £8 (with free P+P) you cant go wrong! Ive doused it in clear nail polish in the hope it wont go green too quickly! For anyone interested in getting one, I got mine in small and it fits all my fingers apart from the thumb (obvz!) I'm normally a small in most rings, Although I did buy a medium and a large too just to check I'd get the right size!

In other Forever 21 news, I hear the Birmingham store is opening on the 12th November apparently, Im so excited! I love Forever 21, and I cant wait to get my hands on some of their goodies! Especially their rings and jewellery! I wonder how the prices are going to be over here compared to the USA. Im hoping its going to be in the New Look/H&M price bracket! I'll have to make sure I make a special trip just to go there once its open! Im so glad the stores opening in Birmingham rather than somewhere super hard for me to get too!