top: asos (I got a size 8)
skirt: H&M
hat: H&M
ring: primark
tights: primark
necklace: zara taylor

I hate having such a moody photo face! I just find it so hard to smile and pose at the same time! I just end up with a solemn crabby bitchy looking face! I promise I smile IRL! I love these big long sleeved oversized tops that all the shops are doing at the moment! I have one from Topshop, Peacocks and this Asos one has now added to the collection. They are nice and flattering and great to layer over things, I'm wearing a Topshop bodysuit under mine to keep me warm! Its got so cold over the past week, and seeing as I still dont have a winter coat I'm doing anything to keep warm! I haven't worn polka dot tights in forever either, I just thought they would add a little something extra to my outfit! And the hat... Well I loved it when I got it but struggle to make it work with some outfits! Its a great little hat but sometimes it just makes me look weird ya know... When I tried it on with a long Mac my friend said I looked like a pedophile!

Skipped university today to start doing research on my dissertation, I haven't even decided what Im going to do it about yet. I've been looking for relevant and researchable topics. My intial idea was to do it on internet memes and image macros and how things like that have spread all around the internet. But I think trying to explain lol cats to my Cultural Studies tutor would result in a face palm! I've got to the point where I'm thinking about doing it on the infamous Gap logo and other examples of when re-branding goes wrong! Its also the last week of my Love/Hate project so Im trying to finalize all my artwork and typography for that, it looks amazing and with all your imput it really helped me along with the concept!

If you haven't seen my latest Youtube video, you can watch it here!