001. I was so busy this week, so I really apologies for neglecting the blog a bit. I've not even gone to the gym this week so I feel so lazy! I'm working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday next week. Its got me wondering if I will be able to cope with all these hours when I'm back at university. I've just got to keep thinking that I need to save for my future so I suppose its worth it! But im genuinely struggling trying to work at the moment and I'm not even in education yet!

002. Drew Barrymore is my current hairspiration, Her hair is looking amazingly beautiful at the moment. I know shes being bashed about it at the moment, I really dont understand why, its the perfectly tousled hippy-ish mess I'd love to sport!

003. Im having another giveaway soon, I'm trying to kinda finalize the actual prize. But I know you are all going to LOVE it! Its something I've been wanting to giveaway for what feels like forever and I've just got round to ordering it for the giveaway! One hint, Tan or Black?

004. Made some really yummy mozzarella and green pesto pannini for lunch, they were soooo good! Despite this I need to get back to eating better again! Ive had a takeaway 3 times this week instead of proper food due to being so lazy once I'm home! Next week I plan to eat 100x better than I have been! Salads and fresh veggies galore next week!

005. I'm currently watching V Festival coverage (I was hoping to be at the gym, but meh!), Alexa is looking as stylish as usual! Kings of Leon sound amazing too, Ive seen them three times now, and had a very weird encounter with them at the back of one of their gigs with a security lady shouting at me telling me "THATS NOT JARED" and I was like "IT SO IS, I SO KNOWW, IM A FANNN!", coincidentally one of my brothers is called Jared too. Fun Fact!

006. Im also trying to rock the middle parting, As much as I think it looks cool, I'm in two minds about chopping it and getting a long wipsy Daisy Lowe-esque long fringe. If you want to be stalkerish and check my first ever photo I posted of myself on here, I actually did have a full fringe at one point! My boyfriend used to say I looked like Caleb Followill circa Youth and Young Manhood!