leather jacket: primark
socks: topshop
scarf: new look
boots: new look

There's nothing like a bit of British pride! Im proud to fly the flag for British Fashion Bloggers! I don't think there is enough UK fashion blogs ones out there. I mean there is some fantastic ones out there, But all the "big" bloggers are mainly American. There is something about UK style that is so refreshing and different to other countries! I think its so diverse and creative compared to other countries. If you didnt know, I actually have dual nationality with New Zealand, As my Dads a New Zealand citizen, Therefore I've got a New Zealand Passport via birth right. It means if I wanted to I could go live over there if I wanted too! But of course I much prefer the UK!

Today I worked, as per usual. And I'm working tomorrow. Workworkwork! I really cant wait for a solid day off! I've got a ton of merchandising to do tomorrow! In other news my car passed its MOT, So the money I saved just incase it failed is all mineee! I'm going to buy some goodies from New Look (Hello staff discount!) and buy some new boots I've spied in Topshop. Its nice to have some disposable income after trying my hardest not to spend money these past weeks! Managed to slip a gym session in today as well as a cheeky McDonalds! Oh well!