sunday portrait week 37


001. I'm sick again. Yeap, It feels like I always am! I've got a cold and really bad sinus pressure. I feel really lousy and just want to sleep! I doubt this will affect my blog at all, I'll take lots of flu releif and Keep Calm and Carry on and all that!

002. I had my New Look induction today, and I start work on Thursday! Exciting stuff! I cant actually wait to get started properly and actually have money coming in again! I hate that I've had the last two weeks off work, and been super poor in the process! I bought a few items for my uniform, Which is cool, Was thinking of doing some sort of "one item, styled X ammount of ways" type series, Mainly because I cant afford to buy lots of clothes for my uniform, So i'll need to be a little inventive when it comes to re-styling!

003. RE: Ebay Dramz, Apparently I now have a camera coming my way! I'm skeptical, and really worried that its all a scam ): But oh well, We shall see on Tuesday when I get an empty box with a camera in! To be honest it has put me off eBay completely! Infact if I never use it again I'd be happy, All that cheap stuff is too tempting though! I've seen a few bits and bobs nail art related that I really need/want!

004. I want to say thanks to all the new followers, I think I gained like 200+ followers in the past 10 days, And I don't think I thank you guys enough! Its insane to know that so many of you like to read my daily rambles and see my outfit posts! To everyone who comments me, tweets me or even emails me. Thank you so much!

005. This is possibly the most rubbish edition of Sunday Portrait ever. Sorry guys for being a fail whale!

EDIT: Because this is so rubbish I've decided to post some links to some blogs I'm currently loving! Sequin This + The Stylish Heart, Go follow! You wont be dissapointed!


  1. Get well soon! I am one of your new followers :D

  2. Good luck with the job !
    I hope the ebay drama isn't a scam.
    and get well soon ! :)

  3. Oh I hope you get better lovey, I hate being ill. Hopefully you get your camera too. I'm looking forward to seeing you series thing, it sounds like a good idea. X

  4. Get well soon lovely + I hope you do get your camera :)

    Nic x

  5. Get well soon - I've had the same sort of thing, sinus hell, plenty of oranges, water and sleep sorted it out :)
    It would be mine
    You look pretty in your picture!

  6. Hope you get better soon! You still look gawjus =]

  7. I love your photos! are amazing:) you mind lookbook send a request please? answers on my blog if you can thank you very much

  8. i like reading about your "rubbish" lol :-p oh and ebay is totally your friend ...once I realize I've bought too much I start to sell it back to others lol

  9. Get well soon love!!! :) Good luck with your camera! xx

  10. Get well soon!
    And I'm one of your new followers!

  11. wow thats a lot of followers for 10 days! congrats :) you have amazing style and you deserve it!

    I would Love if you would take a sec to check out my blog! <3

  12. Hi! I have just found your blog and I really like it!!
    Get well soon and good luck! I would love to work there...

  13. Heyy, i'm one of those new followers :) You have a really great blog, and some really fab outfit :)

    L x

    Half Dressed

  14. Just come across your blog - I love it! Gorgeous picture in this post aswell. x

  15. thank you for saying you like my blog! (i was wondering where all my new followers were coming from too! now i think they must have come from your blog link!) i love your style :)

    sarah (the stylish heart) x


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