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001. Tonight I'm going to see my boyfriends band play, They havent played in what feels like forever, I reckon its been over a year now, So much for being a football widow, Ive become victim to band practice! I am keen for seeing them play though! Rupert and the Robbers did have a period a few years ago where they were played on XFM, Radio One and the like, But they never really capitalized on that, Bit of a shame because it would have been sweet for them to have some success!The first time I ever saw my boyfriend he had clown face paint on during one of their gigs.

002. I bought some new sandals from New Look today. I checked the website and these are the pair, If your interested in buying them! I thought they were £20, Which is fine by me, But when I got to the till they were £12, because they were doing a promotion, and then I had a further £1.20 off so paid £10.80 in total! Lovely!

003. Last night in true Gem & Cat style I decided to do my nails leopard print! How supercoolsweetmega tacky are they! I love them! Getting these 600 full cover nail tips has really made me want to do things with my nails! The nails are really good btw, I shaped them and trimmed them to fit my nails, and at like 6p for a full set, you save yourself a fortune on acyrlics/press ons! I just used it with a cheapy glue from a old nail set! Ive always painted them and got acrylics and the like, But never really got adventurous with them! And after finding out about Laquerized , Its totally inspired me! I really want to try this look particularly! Anyone got any good nails related websites?

004. Only a week and two days till my holiday! Im still not sure about scheduling some posts or not at the moment! I have a long list of things I want to post about in the next month, So we'll have to see!

005. There's a really interesting post on Blairs blog about More Magazine. They basically had a bit of a twitter fight with her and then encouraged their followers to be rude to her! How bad PR is that! I don't ever buy More! Magazine, But this has turned me off buying it in the future! Go follow her blog though, Shes got really great style and shes a avid Primark fan like me! She has a great eye for finding items of clothing that are similar to more expensive shops in cheap ones. Like finding some elastic sandals, Similar to the ones in Office in Tesco!


  1. Those sandles are fab and such a bargin! Great find :) and thanks for the post about Blair's blog, i just went and read it and thought it was such a good post, and unbelievable on More! magazine's part!

    Stacey xx

  2. The nails look ace! How did you do it? I love Laquerized, amaaazing.

  3. Ahhh I have nail pens and I recently did the leopard print with a lovely pale purple. Good luck to your boyfriends band, I know so many trying to make it big, there's so much competition!
    It would be mine

  4. What a fab idea about the nails - I got an email earlier this week from Nails inc about some new art they're offering so might well have a go at doing my own instead now! :)
    Also thanks for the heads up to a great new blog for me to follow!

  5. I too am a band practise widow! My bf was in a marginally successful band for a good few years but they gave it up for 'proper jobs' last year. He joined another band though - he loves to play! :) x

  6. Those sandals are just lovely! And for £10.80, they are an absolute steal haha :) I also love your nails, I never have the patience with my own... I can't believe that post about more! magazine, I honestly just think it's poor showmanship on the social networking side of things; I have an internship starting there tomorrow for two weeks.

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  8. Those sandals are lush, I wish I had spotted them when I was in New Look this afternoon!

    Your leopard print nails look great. I came across Gem's tutorial recently and tried it out. My right hand looked awesome, my left hand not so much haha!

  9. I was listening to your boyfriends band, they are fabby! Love the leopard print nails, you should totallu do a tutorial on that!

  10. Hi, just been admiring your've got some lovely posts :) Heres a link to some of my nails for ideas...


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