dress: primark
cardigan: H&M
rings: H&M
necklace: zara taylor
headband: topshop

I saw this lovely mullberry colored dress today and I knew I had to have it! There is something I really like about purple, Maybe its just because the autumn is coming. I desperately wanted to wear it with my leopard print scarf, as I see leopard and fall colours mixing so well together! But I couldn't find it, So opted for the leopard print headband instead! Its been a while since leopard has been on the blog? I tried this dress on and it was super long, put it back and then ended up picking it up again on the way round and it was miles shorter than the other one I tried on! Gotta love the Primark inconsistencies!

Mum was being generous today so bought me a load of Primark stuff. Mainly due to the fact tons of the stuff I wanted was in the sale. Most of the dresses were around £5 and the tops were £3. I didn't have much time to have a proper look around as Ivor was being moody as he hates shopping! But if you live near a big Primark store, or even a small one with good stock, Its totally worth checking out the sale! So much of the stuff is reduced! I blame the over inflated Primark prices at the moment, £15 for a PRIMARK dress? No thanks! The prices have gone up but the quality hasn't! Yes the dresses they are coming out with at the moment are really lovely and tasteful, But the quality really isn't reflected in the pricing!

Uploaded a little test video to my Youtube channel! I used my new camera, Although its not supposed to be a proper camcorder, there is a little hack to make it be usable for recording videos. It doesn't have a microphone, I have to record the sound via my Macbook microphone and then sync the audio manually, Seeing as I've never done this before it isnt perfectly synced but Im sure I'll figure it out properly soon!