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"Do you have any tips on how to take outfit photographs? Yours always come out so well, Do you use a self timer and a tripod or do you get someone to take them for you?"

good outfit photo
dress: mela loves london, cardigan: H&M, hat: H&M

Photographing outfits is something that really does take practice, effort and a little bit of time and patience. As you know by seeing my older looks, They aren't exactly amazing! And they are so different from the style I use now. Currently I do two portrait above the knee shots, and then 2-3 extra landscape shots to show detail, my accessories or just do a picture of my face. Im not saying this is the correct way to take your outfit pictures, But this is how I do mine, and it works for me. Alot of people opt to do full body shots, which also are great. But in my opinion as long as your reader can see CLEARLY see what you are wearing, Whats wrong with doing an above the knee shot?

example of a bad outfit photograph

First things first you need to think about your camera your going to be using to take your outfit images. I currently use a Canon 1000d but I used to use a FujiFinepix S1000 for months before. You dont need a good SLR to take a decent photograph with. You just need to understand HOW to take a good photograph. I recommend not using a flash as this can bounce off clothing and make them look harsh and weird! You need to make sure it has a decent amount of megapixels, I think 8-10MP are pretty standard when it comes to cameras nowadays. Its also worth learning a bit about cameras and the way they work before investing in more expensive ones. I did photography at college so I can easily work out how to use the cameras manual settings to my advantage. Always remember that automatic settings don't always mean they are the best settings!

outside vs inside images
credits: 1, 2, 3, 4

Location and lighting are very important factors in taking outfit photographs. I take my photographs in my bedroom, I used to take them in the spare room which was side lit. But since switching to my bedroom it means I'm away from my family so no one will be peeking in! And it means Im lit from the front, Which is much more flattering than being side lit! I try and take them in the mid afternoon when the sun is on my side of the house to give it some better lighting. Some bloggers opt to take their images outside, Personally I don't. But taking them inside or out is just about personal preference. Either work well! Under no circumstances take mirror outfit photos, They seriously don't look good, You can hardly see what your wearing and it really isn't that appealing is it? Would you like my blog as much if I took all my outfits like that? And you can see what I mean about the flash, It makes the image look weird and just isn't right!

my tripod

I use a tripod and a self timer to take my images, I take them myself because it means I can spend as long as I need trying to take my images! You could always get a friend, your parents or someone to take them for you, But in my experience I find it hard to get them to "get it right". I'm quite particular with the way the images are set out and how I take them. By using a tripod it means I can get it right in my own time! I use the built in self timer and continuous shooting mode to take about 10 images at a 2 second delay. This means I can get more images taken once I have initially set up the camera and got it into the style I like to have the images done in. I normally end up between 40-50 good shots too look through and decide which ones show off the outfit best. I got my tripod off my uncle, He said he had it lurking in his garage for ages. Its always a good idea before going out and buying one to ask around your family and friends and see if someone has one. They are the kind of things people tend to buy and forget about!

Working out how to take your pictures does take time. It may come easily to some, but it is hard to get it right. Somedays I take outfit pictures I hate and refuse to post them and then some other days I have loads of shots that look good. As you get more experienced you learn how to take them quickly and easily! I often get asked specific questions like "exactly how many meters do you have the tripod away from you" and "how high do you have a tripod" "what settings do you use?" again these are things you need to work out yourself! What works for me doesn't work for someone else! There are some great photography blogs out there which can help you, Reading the cameras manual will also help you understand it a bit more, and if worse comes to worse just google it! Google is the source of all knowledge!

I hope this helps people a little, I know its a bit blah saying work it out for yourself, But that's what you need to do! There isnt a simple formula, But once you do work it out you'll be able to keep going back to the same settings, environment and style with such ease!