I wasnt going to update today but something has been really bugging me over the last two days. As alot of you know I live a pretty hectic life, I do far too much and spend most of my day doing something or other. In my old routine I was able to spend a hour fitting in my blogtime, But since starting my new job my whole routines been thrown out the window! Today I got up at 7 am, left my house at 9am and didn't get home from work till 7pm. I get home and have a good 50 proper emails to read and go through (ie. the ones that I need to respond to, no spam/alerts because with those I get well over 300 emails), another 40-50 Formspring questions to contemplate and then going on to read everyone elses new blogs. I'm not calling out the person who seems to everyday ask me if I'm going to post a blog. But its really bugging me! Yes, Normally I do post everyday if but at the moment I'm having trouble with Ivor and I'm getting home too late from work to do it. Especially outfit posts seeing as the light on my side of the house is rubbish by the time I get home!

Someone also said to me on Formspring that I clearly love the attention I get from this blog and I don't really. In reality I'm reserved and not particularly a people person! Don't get me wrong, I love the blog and I love talking to people, But my blog has grown above my wildest expectations and although I adore doing it but sometimes I feel like people expect so much out of me. When in reality I dont have the time to respond to everything I get asked or emailed about. It may take me a few days to reply to a email but I will do it in the end. I don't know how to style specific items, I'm not a fashion "guru" I don't give fashion advice, All I know about clothes is what I wear and thats it! As for my weightloss, I don't mind answering questions on this, but when I get "questions" telling me that I shouldn't be bragging about it or encouraging others to loose weight it can really ruin the whole Q+A's! Another thing is I don't know the answer to every single thing I'm asked on Formspring and when your asked the same question at least 3-4 time a day its frustrating and I'm not going to lie I get so pissed off I feel like just typing GOOGLE IT! I try and help as much as I can but like I said, Google would be much quicker!

I'm pretty emotional right now as I'm sick of feeling like people want so much from me. I'm a human being and I have feelings and emotions, Sometimes I cant be bothered and sometimes I'm rude, brash and abrupt, But I do try my hardest to blog as much as I can and keep you all in the loop. In all honesty I blog alot more than some other bloggers and interact as much as I can with my followers, as I don't want to be some "famous" blogger who doesn't talk to anyone! Big love to the ones who aren't like this and the ones who ask genuine questions on Formspring, I just had to get this off my chest . I'm sure someone will take this the wrong way and send me some more hate on Formspring to bring me down but whatever.

In other GOOD news, The lovely Gem won the ASOS Blogger competition! Jen did a lovely outfit inspired by me! I've already planned a post with a take on her style! Also Christina did a post on the sunglasses she won in my Paola Loves To Shop Giveaway! (whos new hair looks fab btw!)

Anyway, Tomorrow I have a day off tomorrow, but I've got loads to do, Including packing loads of ebay stuff for my Mum, having a light workout session, going to the chiropractor for my clicky hip and I'm going out with my friends in the evening. So if I do find time tomorrow I will post something!