I met Gem on Tuesday as we had some press days to go to.  The first one was Tesco F&F range, the second was New Look event, which I shall post about tomorrow. As soon as we met the lolz started. We ended up getting interviewed for Radio One (WHICH THEY STILL HAVEN'T USED) talking about young people driving and pretty much saying nothing of note. Gem had popped a button on her dress so we were searching around everywhere for a hotel to get a sewing kit from, then once we had one she went and sewed it up in the toilet. For some reason there was a saw in the bathroom, which she used to cut her threads with. I forgot to lock the door so we had so many people walk in while we were in there. I became a glorified toilet attendant passing out tissues to people! I also met the always lovely Laura & Clare. We ate macaroons and chatted about all things bloggy. Its refreshing to talk to people who are active in blogging. Seeing as when I normally talk to my friends about it they are like w/e!

I really enjoyed the colours and the prints of their Autumn/Winter collections (a theme that went on into the New Look Press day too). There is something about colours in A/W collections I just love. All the berries, mustards, navy blues and browns which seem to catch my eye! Also there was some fun prints thrown in there too. The tights and socks they had on show were just to die for! Although the overall styling of the collection wasn't to my taste (it felt a bit too "mature") there were lots of individual items and bits and bobs that would easily integrate with my personal aesthetic. I'm not 100% sure of the target market for F&F is, I have a feeling its very broad seeing as it is stocked in supermarkets. I felt that there was items that would appeal to all ages and personal tastes which I thought was great!