what i wore 30.07.10what i wore 30.07.10
what i wore 30.07.10
what i wore 30.07.10

shirt: topshop
shorts: primark
headscarf: my mums
rings: superdrug + topshop
nails: barry m 305 pink flamingo

Oh yes, comfort dressing today! I've been in the wars the last few days, I've been so ill and groggy, venturing out of my house (apart from the gym, which probably wasn't a good idea upon reflection) has been a complete no-no! I've also hurt my hip from over exercising, I think running 6k daily is starting to take its toll on my joints! I've decided to give the cardio a rest and focus on weights and toning while my hip heals! My local gym now has a Power Plate, which I'm pretty excited about! It looks fun! Cant wait to jiggle all about on it!

This shirt was featured in one of the very first outfit posts, its also coincidentally one of my most hyped looks on lookbook. I hadn't worn it in forever, and I cant believe how oversized it is on me now! It was always a bit big, but its crazy big now! I love a crumpled shirt on lazy days! The shorts are cute, But I have no idea how to wear them. I bought them on a whim, thinking OOH CUFFED SHORTS SO IN. Yet I've never worn them, Infact I still had the tag in them when I pulled them out of my over flowing wardrobe this morning!

Oh, and I also forgot to say, I did post on Twitter that I got offered a job on Consessions at New Look, I'm going in Monday to sort it all out! So that's looking after all the "Boutique brands" at New Look, Ones like AX Paris and Pussycat London! The lady on the phone said my CV really stood out, and the fact that I had my own fashion blog really made me a more appealing employee! So hopefully this meeting on Monday goes well! I'll be sure to keep you posted!