ill try but you see..

what i wore 5.03.10
dress: american apparell
snood: peacocks
shirt: topshop
tights: primark

Had a lunch date with my boyfriend today. We were gonna go to a restaurant but ended up just going sitting on a bench munching on a sandwich together. Just wanted something simple and cosy. Paired this with my cropped military jacket and it was lovely. This scarf is one of my favorites, I wore it to death when I first got it But have been neglecting it as of yet in favor of a leopard print one.

This weeks been a pretty big fail on the art front, Sorry to all my readers who like that kinda element of my blog. Ive been suffering from a lack of creativity, and every drawing that I do just isn't quite right. I feel like im stuck in a rut when it comes to my art. Its so sameysame, Im not challenged by it anymore. I want to be better and I want to explore more but Im struggling to find the right direction. Im thinking about starting a life drawing class, or signing up to some sort of ceramic/textiles/whatever short course to just try and further my work.

By doing these outfits of the days/looks/whatever you wanna call them has helped me just express myself in a different way. I don't want this blog to be a fashion blog, I want it to be a mixture of everything that I enjoy, Which is everything from clothes, fashion, art, music, makeup. In a ideal world I want my blog to be like Nubby Twiglets. She gets it right with the perfect mix of art, fashion and personal life. So if that's why your viewing this, I'm sorry, Bear with me while I pull myself together!

Sorry for the ramble, but I hope people know what I mean!


  1. Is it true you have to apply to post on lookbook?
    Love the outfit though, it looks so effortless!
    I gave you a blog award btw - go on my blog to check it out :)

  2. you have to get someone to refer you, but if you'd like a invite id happily send you one!

    thank you so much for the blog award!

  3. loving that chunky grey scarf :) or is it a snood?

  4. Oh could you really - that'd be awesome, thanks love :) I don't think my photos are quite artsy enough yet but maybe if I get a tripod then I'll be able to take photos of my whole body rather than just my face haha
    Incase you don't have it my e-mail is samanthajanexxx(at) :)

  5. This is possibly the cutest blog ever. I love it and i'm adding you to my blogroll. :)

  6. next week. get some of the briefs done and then workshops to get some inspiration. plan??? text me or someut

  7. whoaa,,,u really love this look.


  8. Great outfit!! Loving that snood! Beautiful picture too...


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