001. This week has been to hectic for my liking, I've worked and see my boyfriend alot, but I'm glad to be doing nothing today!

002. I really like the idea of doing some Vloggy/Youtubey stuff, So many people want to see more from me in video form. My mind goes blank as soon as I see the camera though! I wouldnt know what to do videos on though! Apart from my hair/makeup/nails I really don't know what I could do. If anyone has any ideas of things I could video about, Let me know! I was thinking of doing things like tags and Q&A sessions through it, So you guys can get to know me better as a person, not just some faceless fashion blogger!

003. Had some seriously mean and often really rude and upsetting comments on my Formspring about my appearance after posting that video of me doing my makeup and this picture I posted before going to the gym. I know I look different without makeup, doesn't everyone look different? Surely putting my naked face on the internet for you guys if somewhat admirable. Not something to hate on. And as for the gym picture, my legs don't look like that in real life, Look at any of my outfit posts and you can see my legs are just a normal size. I'm no uber waif nor am I too thin! It makes me so upset to have people say negative things about me. I've suffered with low body confidence all my life, and now that I'm at a point in my life where I do feel attractive and have worked hard on my body, I get negativity anyway. I don't know why the internet has made people rude, I cant imagine saying half the things that were said about me to someone, via the internet or not! As they say don't feed the trolls, But sometimes, you just have to.

004. I'm going to embrace the tan and maybe explore a few fake tans for summer, My real tan is starting to fade, and I'm going to miss it. I've always been against the orangness, But I think being tan is acceptable in summer right? I'm going to try St. Moritz, it seems to be a blogging cult favourite, and its super cheap in Bodycare.

005. My Paola Loves To Shop Giveaway ends tomorrow, If you want another extra entry please tweet @llymlrs is having a @PaolaLoves2Shop Sunglasses Giveaway! http://bit.ly/dBlwm8. All extra entries will be added onto the list. The winner will be announced in the next week!