Ask LLYMLRS #2: Hair

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"Your hair always look so lovely and full, How exactly do you style it? What products do you use?"

Personally, I feel my hair is in really bad condition, and have no idea why people want their hair to look like my matted mess! I'm totally lazy when it comes to doing anything with it. Although I'm complimented on my hair all the time, I think its in terrible condition. Up until when I was on holiday earlier this year, I had really bad matted and naturally dreaded hair at the back. I'm not talking full blown dreads or anything, Just really matted bits of hair. This comes from not brushing my hair, and abusing it by backcombing it.

I never have looked after my hair, Its merely just an afterthought most of the time. I ruined my hair completely over the years, Especially when I had hair extensions (from age 15-18) I've had everything from clip-ins to a full blown weave. For the first time in my life the whole things is my own hair and I really feel that for the first time it actually looks the way I'd always liked it to look. It is its natural colour at the moment, apart from the Ombre fade, which I added a few days ago, and absolutely adore! I think its really brightened up my hair and added such a lovely beachy feel to my hair!

EDIT: soz i keep touching my nose, I had hayfever and i didnt want to snot everywhere!
I don't use any specific products on my hair. I always use whatever Shampoo is cheapest and I never use conditioner on my hair. My "holy grail" shampoo is probably Samy Fat Hair Thickening Shampoo (or something like that) which you can buy from Superdrug, But its normally like £6, So I only occasionally buy it when its on offer, because I think that is alot for a shampoo. I use dry shampoo alot, Specifically Batiste as I think it adds texture and volume to my hair. I also only was my hair every 3-4 days, because I don't like the "just washed" look at all! The only other product I'd use in my hair is a hairspray, Normally Elnett or Tresemme, Although like I say in the video, I only rarely use it because hairspray irritates my eyes!

I haven't had my hair cut properly in well over a year, possibly two years. I really don't like hairdressers as I most of the time I run out crying! I always clip my fringe (bangs) back as they are far too long, and I don't want to get them cut. I'm considering getting a center parting but I'm still unsure if it would actually suit my face! I have had a straight/full fringe before, and I really liked it but they are just so high maintenance! I have been looking into getting one of those clip in fringes, But I wonder how they would actually look in real life!

I'll be answering ALL the DIY Ombre hair questions in another video as I feel it would benefit more from me doing a full video on it. I will be posting this on my Youtube Channel, So subscribe if you want to see it!


  1. I just watched this on your youtube account, I thought it was quite cute and funny that all you did is back comb it. But I really do like your hair too, I love the colouring I so want to ombre my hair!
    I'm so the same, I hate getting my hair cut because I never like it. I really need to get it cut now though, I just want lots of layers added.
    I have seen those clip in fringes they look al right although I never tried it in so I'm not too sure.
    I was thinking about a middle parting too and I literally posted pictures yesterday. But I've heard it doesn't suite round face shapes which is what I have. I'm sure I've seen celebs with a round face shape and a lovely middle paring though.

  2. Hehe, I love your nail polish & ring (:
    I'm like the same as you, my fringe is all grown out and now my hair is just BLAH. :/

    I love how your hair looks with the ombre at the ends :)

  3. I really do love your hair, and i wished you'd speak just a bit louder (:

  4. It was really nice to hear you speak .. you seem more 'normal' now =] lol.. your skin looks so fresh and dewy!

  5. I love your hair, your blog and your accent! You're beautiful.
    I would leave to see a room tour (:

  6. sophie- i checked your blog and its great! i think the middle part looks nie on you, i have a round face too so thats why im wary of getting the middle part!

    eva- thanks! the nail polish is by barry m and my ring is from H&M

    cats- Well I couldnt speak any louder as I didnt want my parents to think I was weird and talking to myself, just turn the volume up

    zee- haha i know what you mean, i think just doing pictures can be a bit faceless, and you dont really get to see what im like!

  7. ive really wanted to ombre my hair for ages and not go to the hair dressers as i know they wont do it how i want them to, so i was going to do it my self but i got to scared so i will defiantly be doing it when you make a video.
    your hair is so nice :)
    thank you xx

  8. I agree with Alyse :)
    Your hair looks amazing. Mines completely damaged sadly.

  9. I just watched your video, is really cool, Your hair color is very pretty and I think you shoul keep your fringe long and just clip it when you want them to look different.

  10. You have great style and I must say, great hair! And you're very beautiful too!


  11. lily you are so so pretty! i love your hair and loved the video- hope you make more :]]

  12. You are so similar to me with the hair situation i don't use conditioner because i'm a fan of the matte look not shiny and im so lazy with my hair i will just use straightners to guide the wave and backcomb, i just want it to grow now. i did my ombre ends aswell about a year ago and now using john frieda go blonder and will probably redo it in a couple of weeks again.
    adore your ring aswell.


  13. i loveee your hair it's pretty:] i wish my hair was like yours :P
    btw great style as well and love your blog :) keep it up! x

  14. I just watched your video again and there is something so adorable and entertaining about you. You should vlog more! Done spamming. I swear.


  15. I like the way you do your hair. It's so simply. I think I should try it too 'cause my hair is similar to yours... Long and straight.


  16. Loved the video, it's so strange to see people moving/talking after them just being a picture for so long haha! You have such a nice accent, mine is awful, especially in videos, i'm from Bristol..enough said haha!

    Really liked how simple your hair is to style and how great it looks. I'm another one of these people who can't be bothered with their hair, it looks a mess most days but thats how i like it so whatever! Fab post.

    Stacey xx

  17. haha, i did not know about clip on fringe! i hardly wash my hair as well. its better that way!

  18. I am so jealous of your gorgeous hair! As someone with short, fine, limp hair, yours just looks so much better! It always looks effortless, too. :)

  19. Oh goodness, I absolutely love your hair! Your video was absolutely adorable.
    I have to wash my hair every day because it's become a habit from the beginning of secondary school when I was scared of grease. The fear still haunts me! Although maybe I'll be giving the washing a break from now on after seeing your video.
    Thanks for the inspiration :] xo

  20. I love your hair, mine is just so flat and boring. Dry shampoo is a life saver.

  21. you seem really lovely and sweet, and your hair is gorgeous. i want long hair sooo badly! love the ombre olour too x

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  23. Lily! You are so beautiful! That video had me in awe, haha. You are too cute for words.

  24. You should do more Vlogs, your voice is lovely...I adore your accent

  25. You are soooooo lovely and beautiful! and your voice is cute, too. I really love your vlogs, so I'm looking forward to see next vlog. I wanna know about your nail next time!

  26. You have the loveliest smile! I'm glad i'm not the only one that neglects their hair, haha

  27. your hair looks allways gorgous!!!

  28. I 100% agree when you say you run out crying after going to the hairdressers, ive avoided them like the plauge ever since a terrible fringe accident last year :D
    i really enjoy your blog and wish you all the best on future hair endevours :D

  29. Hey. I love your hair. Always wanted it to be like yours.
    But I mean, my face shape is like huge and I don't think I'm really suitable for long hair.

    But hey, this is another random question...
    How tall are you in CM?

    Thanks ;)

  30. i love your because just BECAUSE it looks so messy + not perfect :)

  31. ahhh lily your so sweet! ah ha you sound really posh for a herefordian, ha! ... i think i come on your blog too much. i do want your hair though, its lovely! oh and well done on your blog, i read the top post and it's really inspiring to see you've done so well!

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  34. I can't see it cause it's private! :(

  35. i can't see your video. it's private. :(

  36. When I try to see your video it says it's "private"!!?

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