how they wear: maxi dresses

New little feature I'm thinking of introducing is one on how other people style specific items. I'm hoping to cover things from denim jackets to hareem pants, tailored jackets to chunky knit cardigans. Like I say alot I'm mainly inspired by what other people wear rather than what celebs or models do.

I love the idea of getting a maxi dress or a skirt. I really do, Just looking at all these girls really pulling off effortless looking maxi dress/skirt looks makes me so jealous! I love the way you can mix and match different shapes to create different looks. I used to be obsessed with over sized geometric shapes in my clothes last year, But since then I've gone for more structured and fitted pieces. I've been trying to find one that suits my shape for a while now. Id love a simple black or grey jersey one to start with, The slowly work my way up the the more patterned ones.

If I had a maxi dress I would defiantly be my new "lazy clothes", It would defiantly be the grey trackie bottoms equivalent in my wardrobe. I think they are the kind of thing where you can dress them up or dress them down as you need to. Not only are they the "must have" of the summer. They are supposed to be sticking around right up to A/W, and I can imagine all sorts of cardigans and waistcoats, t-shirts, jewelery and scarves being layered up. I defiantly think its the right time to get one! I just need to find the right one!

Which look do you like the best? Or how would you style a maxi dress yourself? Let me know in the comments! Also leave me links to you wearing a maxi dress, your picks of maxi dresses or even someone else who you think really works the maxi dress


  1. Krystal of This Time Tomorrow really works her maxi dresses...

    After having seen how good they can look, I really want a black and white stripy one, from H&M. Or a navy one with swallows on, but I've yet to find a shop that stocks anything like that, sadly.

    1. They all looks very sexy in this post and their dresses are also so much attractive. You post much about maxi dresses and very nice to read it always.

  2. I have one from Primark in black that was £9 and its great. Perfect shape, length etc. It does cling to all my bumps a bit but I love wearing it with a sheer shirt!

    Great choices, I love Strutt!

  3. I've brought a few maxi-dresses recently - 2 from, & 3 from H&M (including the rather coveted black & white stripe one..) however, I haven't been brave enough to wear any of them yet! I'm actually thinking of returning the stripy one..!

    I love how these have been styled though, & am looking forward to seeing more posts like this :)

  4. Fab idea for a post :)
    I'm obsessed with maxi dresses so far this summer! Love wearing them with my cropped denim jacket! x

  5. I like the idea of this as a regular inspiration feature :D I think Gem especially looks fab <3 I have a blue and red flowery one from Republic but I want a cute cropped blazer to go with it as my cardi isn't smart enough :(

    Maria xxxx

  6. loooove. i like the girl at the very top and the girl at the very bottom (far right)

  7. great collectiion of maxi dress photos, it's really inspiring how different girls wear different kinds of maxis at the moment. I was thinking of buying a simple long dress, too, but I still have to find out if this would look flattering or rather not.

  8. great idea for a post :) - I've got a black primarni maxi dress, long, slouchy which looks great with the oversized crop tee thing and a little bleach denim jacket x

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  9. Love your blog my dear!

    This is such a wonderful idea for a feature.

    It's amazing how different each blogger's interpretation of the maxi dress is. Adore the diversity. So much inspiration.

    The third picture is my favourite. I love how simplistic it is, with the knotted nautical tee and the bowler.


  10. I love to wear maxi dresses, but I'm so short(really!). I always think about how I can show me taller with maxi dresses when I wear them.

    These are my style with maxi dresses. Please check these out;]

  11. i only have one maxi dress and i wear it for more casual days, its not much of a dress up maxi. i saw a brilliant stripe dress the other day i almost bought!


  12. ahh, wish i could pull off a maxi like these amazing ladies! i always love plain black or grey paired with denim or leather. musst get myself some maxi basics before next summer! x

  13. I think I'm (awfully) so easy to influence. I absolutely hated the idea of maxi dresses/skirts until I was on holiday last year & I just thought it would have been a nice, cool (as in: keeping cool, not looking cool) way to dress in the heat, but I didn't think my shape or size would fit it. Since then though, I've seen so many ladies of all different shapes & sizes rocking it, from my 5'1" pal who rocks a pair of hips, to my best friend who is skinny as hell with boobs as big as my head. I thought they were exclusive to one body type but it seems there not & it's convinced me to seek out the most ideal maxi dress for me & love it to death!

    I'm definitely loving the idea of band t-shirts with a maxi skirt with lots & lots of beads or pearls & some nice gladiator sandals. A girl with her imaginary wallet can dream, after all!

  14. New look have some great simple ones which are relatively cheap, so you can't go wrong! Thing is, maxi dresses swamp my frame, and I have the air of a 16 year old playing dress up in her mothers clothes. Although I would like to find the perfect red one. I can see them being such great fun to accessorize.
    It would be mine
    *oh, you can't tan though. And I like the "what they wore" idea

  15. I love the idea, you should definalty do it! I like the third pictures style best, I love the lipstick, it brightens the whole black and white! x

  16. I love all these looks, maxi dresses seem to be the perfect mix of stylish and casual.
    I'm still on the lookout for the perfect one for me. I think getting one that could cross over into my autumn wardrobe is definitely a good idea!

  17. Not related to this post but i was looking on the student room.
    && look t post 3.

    You're somebodies fav fashion blog.

  18. I love Gem's maxi dress! It's one of my favourite outfits ever. So fab! x

  19. I always wanna wear maxis but I think my height is better suited for minis :/ Bummer.


  20. thanks for this post, it's very inspiring to see how others wear their maxis. i've never been 'game' to wear one, but i love them sooo much. Maybe this summer :)

    PS. AWESOME blog you have here!

  21. Oh its me ha. Nice to see how other people wear the dresses!

  22. NICE POST!!

    this is how id style a maxi skirt! ver popular atm! :)

    HUGS&KISSES , phoebe xxx

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