what i wore 21.05.10what i wore 21.05.10
what i wore 21.05.10
dress: topshop
shirt: topshop
headband: babooshka boutique
rings: (L-R) h&m, h&m, newlook
nail polish: barry m 294

Been procrastinating all day unfortunately. Makeup... Hair... Clothes... Blog... Emails... Facebook... Formspring... Clean room... Online shop... Texting... Taking Back Sunday on Spotify... Oooh Julian Casablancas. I swear if I could sit down and do work for say 5/6 hours straight I'd finish it so quickly. Why is everything so distracting! My pictures came out so over saturated today, as my camera is spazzing out. Had to edit the colours in photoshop, and now they look super washed out. God you cant win! I cant wait to get a Canon 1000d. I might just give in searching for one for cheap and buy one full price. Purely so my outfit pics can be better. Hmmm.

In 0ther new yesterday, after googling for about 10000 hours (more procrastination) I found some Chanel Half tint "inspired" glasses. And how much did they cost... $10. They went straight into my basket, and with the shipping being $9.99 (Not that bad for international shipping IMO) I now have my dream sunglasses winging their way to me!