what i wore 24.05.10what i wore 24.05.10
what i wore 24.05.10
what i wore 24.05.10
what i wore 24.05.10
dress: primark
sunglasses: my boyfriends
rings: primark
head scarf: my mums
nails: barry m pale purple
lipstick: MAC ever hip

NO WAI NO TIGHTS! Haha, Oh well, Even though they might as well blend in with the wall, I decided not to wear tights. Ive been sitting in my garden going over anchorman quotes, going over kinetic typography and trying to find online tutorials for Motion 4. Interesting yeah! Life before Wi-Fi must have been awful, Its too hot to be inside on a day like today! I got this dress yesterday for a fiver and I think its going to be the dress of the summer. Its so cool and easy to wear! Might even go back and buy a couple more patterned versions too. Gotta love Primarni!

Ill post my contest winner a bit later on today, maybe tomorrow. Sorry I'm be so slack about it!