this is llymlrs week 25
couldn't take a decent picture today, so heres something totally ridiculous!

001. I know I said it yesterday but if your a new follower and haven't entered my giveaway yet, you might as well! It ends at midnight and all entries after that will not be counted! Ill be announcing the winner within the next week!

002. So week one of gym has gone really well, Ive actually felt alot better within myself and although I've not lost much weight I can feel myself finding it easier and easier each time I go. Ive got about 5 weeks now till I go on my holidays to Turkey and I hope to drop a dress size and tone up!

003. Formspring! Ask me anything! Ill normally answer all the questions I get asked, Apart from things related to my boyfriend, which I wont answer. I got a super rude one the other day saying "You don't seem to like your boyfriend much from what I've gathered, so why are you sticking with him?". How would they know how I feel about my boyfriend! I complain about him alot, but just because I sometimes rant on twitter it isn't representational of my relationship!

004. Just to add to the overly negative part of 003. Im just going to say something. Please do not copy the content, texts and personal photographs that I post on my blog. I recently had to deal with someone completely ripping off the things I have been posting. I emailed her and thought we had sorted it all out only to find out earlier today that she had posted a INCREDIBLY similar (ie the same.) picture of herself in the same striped top/red scarf/finger moustache combo in my last post. Inspiring someone, I'm cool with that, But copying things I do and say are just weird, and its just really got to me. She knows who she is, so I wont be calling her out. But its just getting so annoying.

005. Two weeks till university deadlines! And 4 days till my interview for a design placement! Tomorrow I'm going to print out my up to date portfolio. I'm really excited about doing that because my other one is over 2 years old now. Plus my works taken such a different direction since then it deserves a refresh!