001. Hurray for Bank Holiday Mondays! Cannot wait to have another lie in! I was up early everyday last week which is such a rare thing for me because I LOVE sleeping. Tomorrow I'm seeing my Dad and my baby brother, Which is lovelylovely!

002. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be exploring a few different blog features. Mainly because my blog is starting to have a few too many outfit pictures for my liking. Because I figure. I'll eventually run out of clothes and then that wont be cool. Nah, Its just a bit boring and sameysame! So hopefully you'll like my new ideas. I might do a little poll when I've done a few and get some feedback! I don't just blog for myself, I really want you guys to enjoy reading my blogs!

003. Last week I was contacted with the opportunity to try out a Nokia 6760. Which is so cool! This was one of the first things I've ever been asked to try out. I was supposed to get it on Friday but DHL didn't deliver it, So now I have to wait till Tuesday!

004. Im on the hunt for some new rings! So if anyone knows any good places to buy rings. By good I mean cheap... But also nice! Not too blingy! Just nice tasteful and cool ones! Leave me links in the comments! If we had Forever 21 in the UK I'd go mad! Their rings are so lovely!

005. My contest is going strong, I've had nearly 80 entries already! And its still running for another two weeks. So if you have a blog, twitter or just let any of your friends you think might like to win the necklace know!

PS. Five to Follow: Ella, Danielle, Eleanor, Blair & Alexandra