So I know its been a while since my giveaway ended, But you know how its been for me this week (and the last couple)! I did schedule this post for Wednesdays, although it didn't actually post, and after getting a few comments on Formspring, I decided it needed to go up asap!

I wrote down all the names and numbered them, Then used to generate a random number! and that number was 44.

Congratulations to Molly! Ill be emailing you shortly after I post to find out what you want on your necklace!

I realized today LLYMLRS is a year old on the 8th June. Isn't that mad! I cant believe its been going for that long! In the last 6 months especially my blog has gone from nothing to really something I really love going on and posting. Maybe its because I've really found my blogging passion, Fashion. Its something that really interests me and something I defiantly want to pursue. From when I uploaded my first outfit posts, I knew I'd found my niche! I think I'm going to have a blog-anniversary giveaway in celebration of it! So over the next week I'm going to be finding some cool bits and bobs to give you guys!