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what i wore 01.05.10what i wore 01.05.10
what i wore 01.05.10
what i wore 01.05.10

top: new look
skirt: H&M
cardigan: primark
ring: new look
glasses: H&M
hype on lookbook/chictopia

I bought this stripey cropped tee purely because it reminded me of a t-shirt my exexex boyfriend used to wear all the time. As soon as a I saw it, it reminded me of him. He made such a impact on my life and changed me in ways he couldn’t believe. Ok, So its kinda creepy and weird having that connotation with a striped top, and Im sure if he ever saw this he’d thing I’m well weird. But its true!


  1. nice body con skirt lady. i've been loving yout updates for a while now, and now that i've just started fashion blogging i've added your link to my favourite reads. annabelle x

    p.s. the word here to type in was 'cancer'. lovely. x

  2. Haha my ex used to have a similar t-shirt too, but the stripes were wider. I have weird things like this too, I can't smell Joop anymore without thinking of him and remembering specific moments of our relationship. Very odd.

    love the outfit though :D x

  3. amazing sunglasses, you look so cute!

  4. this is a lovely look, very parisien chic.

  5. I love the sunglasses - can't believe they're H&M! x


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