Thursday, April 15, 2010

to the power of five

what i wore 15.04.10what i wore 15.04.10
what i wore 15.04.10
what i wore 15.04.10

dress: new look
cardigan: new look
ring: H&M
glasses: H&M

Oh I love transitional seasons. I can wear a cute lacy summer dress and a thick knit cardigan and still be covered incase it gets warm or cold. Im in love with this oversized round sunglasses, I feel like I'm channeling my inner MKO or Marianne Faithful! I did want the Chanel Half Tint sunglasses until I saw these lurking in H&M. Total summer must have for me for sure! Although Im still tempted by them, Although I don't think you can actually buy them anymore?

Also Ive been searching for a oversized turquoise ring, and haven't found one that actually fits me (oh hai tiny fingers!). Just my luck that yesterday I spotted this beauty, In H&M as well. It was my lucky day!

Sorry for lack of posting over the last few days. Ive broken up with my boyfriend, And its all a bit weird? But if you followed my on Twitter you'd already know this! Id left my camera at his house and didn't want to continue posting blahblahblah filler untill I got it back!



  1. how do you get your hair in those soft waves?

  2. i just used my straighteners, and made it wavy the night before and then it dropped a little so its a nice soft wave (:

  3. you look lovely! And I love those sunglasses, great find and so much cheaper than the Chanel ones :D

  4. you look lovely as always treacle all the little lovely things are in the post to you :) xxxx

  5. ah you are so gorgeous! looooove the sunnies :)

  6. The sunglasses and ring are gorgeous - love the cardigan too!

  7. love your outfits! they are always very unique!
    but please tell me, im planng on making a blog, where did you get your template or did you make it?

  8. Gosh, that dress is lovely!! I love the sunglasses as well. Can't wait to see all of the turquoise rings you find :]

  9. Aw sorry about your boyfriend! You are looking lovely as ever though. The big round glasses suit you well!

  10. oooh i live those sunnies! may have to find me a pair. The outfit is really nice too.
    Hope things get better for you, keep smiling

  11. love the outift. and i love your hair. i wish i could get mine like that! Hope things gett better for you :) x

  12. im a huge fan of this look,
    and really want that cardigan,
    can i ask if you got it ages ago, cause i went on the new look website and i dont think its there :(

  13. Lovely outfit! I love your style, so colored, pop and inspired!! I follow you, kissy, God bless you!


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