Thursday, April 29, 2010

hello darkness

what i wore 29.04.10what i wore 29.04.10
what i wore 29.04.10
what i wore 29.04.10
dress: H&M
cardigan: primark
rings: new look & primark
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Lighting was not my friend today. Rain is such a drag isn't it. I had to run back to my car after university resulting in looking like a wet dog, My new shoes are soaked! Did I wear a coat today? Oh no I didn't! Just a summer dress and a cardigan! Pretty simple look today. I bought this dress for my holiday in Turkey in the end of June but decided to wear it today regardless. I now own this cardigan in three different color ways (Blue, Black and Red) Although Red isnt the most wearable of the three, Its secretly my favourite one, Coincidentally it was also the cheapest one as It was in the Primark sale. I like wearing pops of color occasionally.

Sorry for the craptastic lighting by the way! My camera doesnt like low light and refuses to change its settings so it will take in more light. I still havent found the Canon 1000D I posted about a while ago for the right price quite yet. I'm determined to stick to my budget for it £250 (Although I'd probably stretch to £265). I'm gonna keep trawling ebay and bidding away! Oh also my camera I currently use is a Fuji Finepix S1000! I'm always asked and I keep meaning to say!

Today I spent most of the day "working" at university. We all decided to go to Pizza hut to have the lunchtime buffet. Bad idea. My friend, Lee ate like 10 pieces of pizza, plus the equivalent of about 3 cucumbers from the salad bar. As you can see from my TwitPic, that We most defiantly got our moneys worth! I got totally inspired to do some work last night before I went to bed, Im really on a roll right now doing my work. Its nice to actually be doing some! I also applied for a few design placements over the past few weeks, and fingers crossed I'll be hearing back from them soon! It really got me thinking about my portfolio, Which I really must update soon!

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  1. That's such a gorgeous dress! I think the lighting is fine, I have a really crap camera and no money to buy a new one haha.

    check out my blog if you have the time*

  2. That dress is really cute and looks great with the red cardigan. You don't look too rained on at all!

  3. just found your blog. great one. love it. your'e beautiful.

  4. urrah for the cheapo thick primark cardis, im wearing my green one today. May do ootd post later if i still look okish by the end of my work day lol, rain here too boo. The whole outfit is really nice

  5. this is probably my favourite of your outfits ever! :D


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